We have five treating plants in three different locations, with a capacity to treat more than 200 million feet of lumber and plywood per year using the Wolmanized treating process.  This system protects wood against termites, rot and decay with a lifetime warranty.  Also, we are certified to treat for ground contact and marine applications.


In addition to our five treating plants, we recently installed a lumber drying kiln in order to dry treated wood (KDAT), the only one in PR.  When you dry treated lumber, it becomes more stable for use in carpentry and fine woodworking.  We stock all sizes of treated lumber kiln dried after treatment.


Presently, we are treating our lumber with M.C.A (Micronized Copper Azole).  This new process produces a lighter, more natural color in the lumber, without losing its effectiveness.  This makes it easier to paint or stain the lumber, although it is equally beautiful when left in its natural state.


This new process is certified “Green Approved” by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and also SCS Certified Environmentally Preferable Treating Process by the Scientific Certification Systems.